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AZG is a business development group offering a broad-range of strategic and specialized technology, management and capital related services to our clients in order to help realized their visions. We value entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and harmonizing between many business and industry sectors.

member companies

member companies

Founded in 2014, Fresh House has step-by-step asserted the position breakthrough in computer-generated imagery (CGI). We create motivation for the unlimited development and determine to expand the marketplace not only in Vietnam, also over the world.


Established to create the long-lasting constructions for perfect life, AZ's projects is spread whole Vietnam like Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, especially Coco Bay Dang…being a fresh name but highly appreciated by clients thank to our talent architects, designers and engineers also.

Whether you are an old hand or newly startup, making a great website or app is a big deal. Well, forgot this burden or miss the boat. Tell us what you want, then we'll give you all you need.
“They need our support because this isn’t their business do, but they want to have an extraordinary result, and we’re experts.”

CG Record has been the number one network about graphic and CGI through the world in the last decade. It’s been place to inspire and bring tons of knowledge for all the artists working in this occupation.

AZhome - Smart Solution for Condo

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our philosophy

AZG mission is to be the catalysis for strong collaborative and strategic partnerships that will create a long-term value for all parties. Beyond our standard business model, AZG also pursues innovative ventures, here in Vietnam and around the world.

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Strategy Partnering

An idea is only as good as it execution and AZG can be the strategic partner and alliance that you will need in the execution to bring your ideas and visions to reality. AZG has developed a wide range of expertise such as innovation management, multi-sector technology and market development and strategic capital placement in order to best create value in the global marketplace.

Venture & Capital Development

For a start-up, the strategic capital development may be the most important factor in deciding whether it will be successful or not. AZG thus has developed a thriving net work of investors as well as fledging investment holding group that will offer the best strategic venture and capital facilitation and services tailor made to the needs of a start-up

To discuss opportunities in any of these areas, please get in touch with one of our partners.

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